In May 2013, in the haze that is the Osaka underground, Snoo and Kaori established Bar Kitty, a name taken from a bar in a Yakuza film – a hideout for a fugitive. And so we became a hideout for the fugitives, the anarchists, the outsiders and the misfits – for everyone who doesn’t want to be found.
An independent cafe and bar of homemade herb liqueurs, teas and herb teas, we had a small music shop and also sold a selection of handmade herbs which we lovingly cultivated in a big 畑 vegetable garden which to the surprise and annoyance of the neighbouring gardeners we let overgrow with diehard lemongrass, rosemary, mint, lemon verbena…. We also made small “Nausea” booklets of poetry and drawings, and hosted a variety of events: “A Dialog Between Electronic Sound and Blackness”, “Satake Records Classical Music Event” (He now runs his own small bar in Nishinari), “Pretend Koukou” talk events, etc. Some old photos HERE.

And at the end of 2016, we relocated to Konohana-Ku to set up gallery and live event space NOOO KITTY. More details in this interview, HEREOld NOOO KITTY site, HERE.

Now we still continue with many of our projects, exhibitions and performances from our base in this OH ビル, holding meditation sessions and yoga classes, and hip hop workshops, sessions, recordings and gatherings for young local rappers. But it’s important for us to not be busy, to “relish and profit from solitudo” (Seneca). And in those times when we have the pleasure of solitude, we write and draw, we paint, we watch Dragon Ball, we meditate, we play with our samplers, and we make things from found materials… 
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